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Often called the "Gems of the Caribbean", the Bay Islands are an independent district of Honduras that has preserved its own Caribbean cultural heritage and English language. 

Fort Morgan Cay is a 33 acres private island in the Western Caribbean, located about 1km (0.6 miles) off the shore of Roatan. Roatan and the neighboring islands are the over-water peaks of the Meso-American barrier reef, the second largest reef system in the world.

Your stay on Fort Morgan Cay includes pick up from and transfer to the airport in a minivan. The ride takes you from the buzzing West of Roatan to the pristine nature of the Eastern end, where our boat will pick you up and take you to Fort Morgan Cay.

The bay of Port Royal is a beautiful natural harbor on the Eastern end of Roatan. It has had a long history as a safe haven for British and Spanish ships, before it fell into oblivion and become a natural biotope in the 19th century.

Fort Morgan Cay offers a protected side with calm waters in Port Royal Harbor, the ideal playground for family activities. Adventure enthusiasts will find a world to explore by diving, kayaking and sailing outside the reef and in neighboring bays.

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